My Streets My City

Identity, Illustration, Production

For this exhibition we invited 20 artist to share their view on the city they live in. All of the French, Dutch & Belgian artists in the expo have roots in graffiti and/or streetart and are used to working in the streets. In this particular presentation the city is the subject of their work.
Participating artists: Aleteia/ l’Atlas / Babou / Bfree / Bitches In Control /Clyde Knowland / D-struct / Ephameron /Ewos / G / Havec / Mamacita / Niels Popkema / Sjoerd Bijlsma / Specio / Sunset / Superanus / Tunc / Teurk / Yaze

Production: Adeline Jeudy & Saskia Haex
Location: Chiellerie, Amsterdam
Flyer: Saskia Haex