Sur Place

The year the Giro was came to Amsterdam Mediamatic organized Sur Place, an exhibition about the fixed gear subculture that will ran from May 8th to August 22nd. The Sur Place exhibition offered insight into the fast growing urban subculture but also payed homage to the origins of the bicycle.

The centre of the exhibition was an indoor track, around the track the visitors could behold a collection of the most wonderful fixed gear bikes, movies and multimedia installations portraying the passion and sense of freedom shared by riders. Visitors could bike through the exhibition space, compete in roller racing and build their own fixed bikes in do-it-yourself workshops. Mediamatic even brought the Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) to Amsterdam to make the exhibition an even bigger event.

Concept: Willem Velthoven, Mediamatic
Projectmanagement: Willem Velthoven, Jans Possel, Saskia Haex
Project team: Arden de Raaij, Liona Munster, Gijs Van Amelsvoort, Sarah Berckenkamp, Bas van den Broeke. Mayken Craenen, Eline Ermens, Mhairi MacFarlane, Sarah Smith, Simona Tenko, Rens Wilderom.
With special thanks to: Ashley Faye, Otto Beaujon, Eric Boelen, Brick Lane Bikes, Bob Casimier, Cinelli, Jonathan Davids, Mike Giant, Kadir Guirey, Hanazuki, KWV de Heidebloem, Sara Kolster, Vera van de Nieuwenhof, Peter Ravensbergen, Evelyn Rodriguez, Arjan Scherpenisse, Henk Theuns, Tokyo Fixed Gear, Machiel Veltkamp, Kees Vernooij, Stefan Vis, Olaf Wit.
Indoor track design: DUS architects


Sur Place Opening from Eveline Wiegmans on Vimeo.